The Workmanship Of My Acne Studios Jacket–cheap moncler jackets

The Workmanship Of My Acne Studios Jacket

The stores in Los Angeles have had some amazing end of the season sales and markdowns recently. A Couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to find this beautiful Acne blue peplum jacket in one of these sales.  It was the last piece and it had been marked down a few times.  Lucky for me,moncler grenoble I think the main reason was because it was such a small size.  I got a really good deal with this jacket since Acne Studios jackets are normally quite expensive.  Acne Studios is a company based out of Stockholm Sweden and the collection is designed by Johnny Johansson.

He is very good in mixing cool urban staples with a modern edgy twist with lots of attention to detail and a strong emphasis in tailoring and eclectic use of materials and custom made fabrics.  Recently they have opened a store in downtown Los Angeles (Eastern Columbia Building) near the garment district and whenever I am downtown I make sure to take a peek inside as they have beautiful jackets.

The first thing that drew me to this jacket in the store was the beautiful blue color and the raw edge detailing,moncler london but as soon as I put it on I also loved the shape of the body and the bell shaped sleeves.  I was mesmerized by how beautifully it was made inside which is just as beautiful as the outside.  As a designer,mens moncler I really appreciate good construction techniques especially in a women’s jacket. You don’t see a lot of construction like this in ready to wear jackets; they are mostly in high end designer levels or haute couture.  This is why I really wanted to share this with you and tell you a little bit more about the work that goes into a beautifully made jacket as this is a real treat for me.

The whole jacket is fused with a cream color cotton canvas interlining to give the jacket more structure and body.  This is because the blue fabric is too light weight for a jacket so designers use this technique to give it more body.  I have used this technique on some of our jackets as well.  In addition to this they have used a cotton crinoline canvas interlining layer in the bottom part of the peplum to make the peplum stand out.  Crinoline also known as horsehair is a material that is durable and easily shaped and used in clothing or hats to give them shape.  It is used a lot in wedding gowns or evening gowns.  The other detailing inside that I love is how all the seams and darts are clean finished with a binding made of the blue satin lining material to give the jacket a finished look.  This is a great way to show the inside construction of a jacket without it looking messy.  It is an alternate way to finish the inside of a jacket rather than sewing in a full lining.

Here I am wearing my Acne jacket with my favorite D&G flared black pants.  These pants have a bell shape to them and they compliment the bell shape of the jacket and sleeves.  Since it has been quite warm in Los Angeles,moncler tracksuit I just wore a tank top underneath and added two of my beautiful necklaces that I have just added to our jewelry selection on our web site.  These two pieces are sold separately and will look great on their own as well,moncler milano but as you know I love layering lots of necklaces together so I thought the two pieces together made a more dramatic statement.

You can find both necklaces Here and Here 

What are your thoughts on the jacket and my new necklaces?

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The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1331

The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1312

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The workmanship of my acne studios jacket-1436


A Recap Of Spring 2015 Haute Couture Shows–moncler jacke

A Recap Of Spring 2015 Haute Couture Shows

The Spring 2015 haute couture shows took place in Paris this week. I’ve been following them mainly because couture shows set the stage for upcoming ready to wear shows and trends which eventually trickle down to mass retailers and what we see in stores.

Not every design house can do a haute couture collection,moncler womens jackets there are requirements you have to adhere to set forth by the “Federation Francaise de la Couture

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest–montcler

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest

Suede and ultra suede are one of the biggest trends for spring and after seeing some of the fall 2015 shows,veste moncler its looks like it is carrying straight into the next fall season as well.  I have been experimenting using ultra suede (faux suede) for some new jacket pieces.  As you know real suede is very nice as well but difficult to work with,monclere just like real leather you have to buy it in pieces not yardage and it ends up being very expensive when you are done making a jacket out of it.  Ultra suede on the other hand comes in yardage just like any fabric and still has the look and the feel of suede.  It is the perfect kind of suede to use for spring,moncler t shirts since it is lighter weight as well.

We have barely had a fall/winter season here in Los Angeles,moncler mens jackets and this last weekend it was once again ridiculous with temperatures well into the high 80s and it felt like summer.  So after a really busy work week,moncler jakker my husband and I decided to head to Santa Monica beach to enjoy a nice Saturday out in the sun and grab dinner somewhere to see the sunset later on.

I decided to wear this tan ultra suede cape vest for the outing which is a one of kind sample that I wanted to get your opinions on.  I love hearing from you all every week and this is the best way for me to get product feedback from readers and customers.  Originally I was going to wear a long sleeve top under it but it was so hot that I had to go with a tank top instead,moncler homme of course it could be worn with a long sleeve top underneath for cooler days as well.

My outfit was pretty simple and casual so this cape vest was a fun addition to throw on and make the outfit more exciting.  I also added this fabulous necklace that we have just added to our web site and I love it.  Its my personal favorite color combination of gold,moncler jackets turquoise and brown and works perfectly with this outfit.  You can find the necklace here.

I would love to hear your opinion on this cape vest,moncler kids would you like to see this item in the Jacket Society line?

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2550

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2597

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2577

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2582

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2632What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2611

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2616

What Do You Think Of My Ultra Suede Cape Vest-2682


Cape vest

Another Look At Our Beautiful Monterey Moto Jacket–moncler coats

Another Look At Our Beautiful Monterey Moto Jacket

And A Special Spring Giveaway

Personally I love spring,moncler womens and even though it seems like we are in the middle of summer in Los Angeles,moncler mens jacket I am looking forward to the beginning of spring which officially starts at the end of this week.  Spring brings a rebirth and renewal of sorts,moncler coat from beautiful flowers blooming (tulips being my favorite),moncler femme to the nicer weather:  it’s a season to get out,moncler hoodie have fun and enjoy nature.

To celebrate the beginning of spring,moncler tracksuit we are having a special giveaway on our web site that will last until the end of March.  Anyone who places an order for one of our jackets that is more than a $100.00 will get any necklace or scarf of their choice for Free!!

All you need to do is add the jacket of your choice to your cart,monclere fill out all the billing / shipping information and type in the “Order Notes

Mothers Day Trunk Show At Ca Del Sole Restaurant–montcler

Mothers Day Trunk Show At Ca Del Sole Restaurant

A few months ago a very good friend of mine contacted me to see if I wanted to have a trunk show for my jackets,moncler mens jacket jewelry and scarves during a Mother’s Day luncheon that she was organizing. She explained that this was the second year they were doing the luncheon event and it was going to be at a beautiful Italian restaurant in Toluca Lake called “Ca Del Sole

I Love Cargo Jackets For Spring Summer–moncler uk

I Love Cargo Jackets For Spring Summer

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. After a couple of weeks of having fall like weather in Los Angeles,moncler men we finally got back to our normal 90-degree temperatures here over this last weekend. I was getting ready to meet a friend for lunch last Friday and it was still a bit overcast and cloudy,moncler femme so I thought it was a perfect chance to wear my favorite Cargo/Utility jacket that I have had for many years which never goes out of style. I purchased this “Comptoir Des Cotonniers

Smile Brilliant Giveaway–moncler outlet online

Smile Brilliant Giveaway

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a company called Smile Brilliant to do a review of their teeth whitening kit. This was exciting news for me because I had actually heard of them through my close friend Suzanna,moncler hat who used their products last year,moncler trainers after she saw it on Hollywood Glamour and had nothing but great things to say about their kits.  I was hesitant at first to do a review because I have crowns on my front teeth and teeth whitening products do not work on crowns or veneers,moncler jacket sale so I couldn’t really try it myself,moncler down jacket but I did agree to do an educational post about the product and offer a “Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit Giveaway

Take A Second Look At Our Beautiful Olivia Jacket–moncler kids

Take A Second Look At Our Beautiful Olivia Jacket

I hope everyone had a nice long Memorial Day weekend,moncler trainers relaxing and spending time with loved ones and of course remembering all the people who have served our country to make it a great place to live.

Even though Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer,moncler jacket men we have had overcast and cloudy skies here in Los Angeles over the last few weeks and it continued this weekend as well with the sun only coming out for a couple of hours here and there. So going to the beach for us or swimming wasn’t really on the cards,moncler jacke but we did get together with my family for a nice barbecue on Sunday afternoon. I also managed to get some chores done around the house and have a low key,moncler shoes relaxing weekend.

The first time I showed you our Olivia jacket was back in February when I styled it for a fall look,moncler boots so this time I wanted to style it for spring. It has been a great seller for us probably because it is such a good basic black jacket that’s fashionable and can also be worn to the office.

One of my favorite ways to take a womens jacket from fall into spring is to wear it with shorts instead of pants. Different length shorts obviously work for different occasions. For the office,mens moncler jackets the shorts need to be longer like Bermuda shorts and in some cases you have to wear hosiery to work,moncler mens jackets but I love the look of bare legs with sandals with a longer short for office. They are a great alternative for skirts as well,moncler beanie and give you an updated suit look.

This is the look I am showing you today as I chose to wear our Olivia jacket with my black Bermuda shorts that happen to be below the knee,moncler jacket sale but above the knee Bermudas would work as well. It has a clean,montcler polished look that you could wear in most offices or to a lunch or dinner out. I paired it with a neutral top and my tan mules and bag. You can never go wrong with a black and tan combo look. I also wanted to show you two of our beautiful necklaces that I stacked together for this look. As you all know I love stacking necklaces together and even bracelets too. There are certain necklaces that look great stacked together and for me I think these two look perfect together.

You can find our Olivia jacket here and the necklaces here and here.

How was your Memorial Day weekend and what are your thoughts about my look?










Our Ebony Vest From The Office To Cocktails–moncler men

Our Ebony Vest From The Office To Cocktails

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend. We had a low-key holiday,moncler kinder relaxing at home and meeting up with some friends for dinner. Sometimes all you need is a bit of down time at home to feel energized and refreshed to take on a new week.

Over the last few weeks I have shown you our new Solstice and Ivory vests and how I would style them. Today I am showing you the last one of my vest styling series,moncler mens jackets the Ebony vest. Since I styled both the Solstice and Ivory vests with a sleeveless top underneath,moncler canada I really wanted to layer the Ebony vest with a top that has sleeves. I know there are some women who do not like showing their arms,moncler usa so I wanted to show how versatile vests can be to wear with sleeveless or sleeved tops underneath.

Vests are a great alternative piece to replace your jacket with especially during warmer summer months. So I was thinking about how to style the Ebony vest for this week’s post,moncler store I thought of times when I was working in an office until five or six o’clock and then had to run out to a cocktail party or dinner right after but didn’t have time to go home and change. So I decided to show you how easy it can be to transform your work outfit into a cocktail party outfit with just a few changes.

I started by putting together my outfit that would be appropriate for the office. Our Ebony vest combined with wide leg trousers and a graphic top with ¾ sleeves,moncler outlet uk black sandals and my black bag. In order to change from this look into a cocktail party look,moncler womens jacket all I needed was to show a bit more skin,moncler down jacket add jewelry and change my black bag to a clutch. I wore a lacy camisole under the top so it would be easier to just take off the top and wear the Ebony vest over the camisole.

I took one of our new beautiful antique inspired statement necklaces and a gold clutch and left them in the car to use later. At the end of the day,moncler gilet all I had to do was to take off my long sleeve top,moncler mens jacket add the necklace and change my bag and voila I was ready for cocktails. By the way this formula would work with any kind of bottom or a jacket instead of a vest as well.

Our Ebony vest is available here and the statement necklace here.

What do you think of my office to cocktails look?

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4762

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4761

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4768

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4771

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4787

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4825

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4829

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4805

Jacket-Society-Our Ebony Vest For The Office Or Cocktails-4817



Ebony vest

Stephanie Jacket Styled For Day Time Look To Date Night Look–moncler kids

Stephanie Jacket Styled For Day Time Look To Date Night Look

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We decided to do something last weekend we had not done in a long time,moncler kids go bike riding!

We got an early start Saturday morning,moncler shorts drove down to Santa Monica beach,monclere parked near the third street promenade and then walked down to the pier to rent bikes for a couple of hours.

We headed off toward Marina Del Rey and after an hour we headed back to the pier enjoying the weather and all the Venice board walk has to offer.  I hadn’t done this in such a long time and I definitely felt it in my legs and lower back the next day but it was all worth it.

If you follow me on any of my social media sites like Instagram and Facebook,moncler gamme bleu then you should have seen my picture next to my orange bike. Afterwards we had a wonderful lunch by the beach and then we went to see the “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel