Nude Sensation 2016 autumn and winter high nude color custom decoration Jackets Featured

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Designers are choosing bare yarn as Cheap Moncler Jackets substrate in the above complex decoration.


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“Fabric rendered shiny effect, because the circular transparent sequin embroidery yarn between the two layers, other rhinestone and sequin decorations on the surface, like a three-dimensional embossed.



2016 autumn and winter high moncler jackets custom show floor most striking point is that designers are choosing bare yarn as a base, in the above complex decoration, decorative effect as if done directly on the body or suspension Like in the air, beautiful and wonderful.


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Advanced customization Advanced in handmade, hand-only requirements, but also require skills. On almost transparent chiffon nude color nail sequins, embroidery can be different from the general fabric, the fabric flat and to maintain the original flexibility, all invisible thread, pins and can not have revealed traces, and have strong, this is simply a paradox. We do not know advanced customization technicians manual skills, but we can enjoy this look at their work, be sure to use a magnifying glass to look at the details of the function, or you may not even nude-colored yarn can not be found.





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  1. When looking at it, I was like, woah, looks kinda big. But I tried it on, it fits wonderfully. I did get one size bigger, reading some comments. I usually am a M/L. Depending on brands. I got a L. Usually with some medians my shoulder and butt have a hard fit, where I have to squeeze in a bit. But a L is a great fit. Theres still some room around stomach amd Breast area. But that’s fine, I rather not suck my stomach in anyway. Lol. The onlt thing I would say it the dress is a bit long for my size. Im 4 ft 11in. But im used to having dresses, beck even jeans, be a bit longer. Nothing a good cut can do. I love it. And it came in the time it said it would. About a week. Love it. Oh yeah, putting the dress into light, the bottom part looks a bit see through but I wore it, asked my boyfriend if he could see my panties, nope. So again. Great buy!!!! 😉Moncler Boots

  2. I read the amazing reviews and gave it a try. it looked cheap, and the tendency to accumulate static made it look only tackier. The skirt came very long (i’m 5’4). The cut was not particularly flattering. (I saw a ton of reviews from even women in the teens saying this dress fit beautifully) I wear a size 10/12 and have a flatter belly and ordered a large, which was the right size, however those diagonal lines at the hips just did everything wrong for the hips and tummy. It went straight back.moncler clothing