Moncler Store Guangzhou boutique-cum-opening 2016 autumn and winter clothing series of conferences

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August 21, 2016, Guangzhou – Guangzhou is located in the CBD area of Taikoo Hui Mall ground floor Moncler Online boutiques, grand opening today. To celebrate the opening of boutiques, brand especially in the election by the famous architect designed Guangzhou Opera House, 2016-17 held in autumn and winter clothing line conference.

As the city’s first international when Shangda Xiu, the conference site to create a “Nordic forest” different kind of mood, a 60-meter-long grayish white pine plank bridge across the T station paved the audience, and T is the end station a printed black Moncler giant white box logo, the entire T units in the light mist curl.

Zhou Xun and Kelly star guests, each with a different style, appeared around the site. Zhou Xun dressed in red and black color season autumn and winter clothing line two-piece tweed jacket, pants with a handsome, Moncler Outlet Store, neck and touch the comet fine jewelry diamond necklace for the whole body handsome styling add a touch of Reiki. Kelly and select seasonal “Cheap Moncler Jackets” Advanced Hand Workshop series purple chiffon dress embroidered sequin skirt, with gold clutch Kids Moncler embroidery and jewelry hollow flat sandals.

With the T station at the end of a giant white box lowered slowly, supermodel Pei Pei mobilize models filed out, opened the prelude to the entire conference, dizzying shuttle shows the entire series of 77 sets of autumn and winter season style, the perfect show Cheap Moncler Jackets men elements cleverly integrated into the couture season, the new attitude to create a hermaphrodite. The entire conference of the curtain call, supermodel L led all models lined up in the center of the T station, also feel very shocked.

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